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Norah Epstein (line art) by Dreamer-Out-There Norah Epstein (line art) by Dreamer-Out-There
Meet Norah Epstein! She is one of a few main characters in my second Renegades of Destiny Novel.

art by: Alexandr Pascenko (

Norah Epstein

DOB: 1219 - 07/08/2334

Age 31 (2365)

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 137 lbs.
Hair Color: White-Blonde
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Skin Color: Milky White Caucasian
Ethnicity: Russian

Abridged Bio: At the age of 5, she was sold by her father to pay off his debts. Until the age of 10, she was kept as a plaything by an old woman who profited on the trafficking of humans. At the age of 10, Epstein was sold off and conscripted to the Terran Imperial Academy. There, she struggled to survive and cope until the age of 15 when she was taken in as a the protégé of William Noventa.

After this, she enters into officers and O.S.I. (office of secret intelligence) training. At this time, Epstein officially begins her 20 year military term of service to become a citizen under the law of United Earth and the Terran Alliance.

At the age of 21, Noventa is given command of a warship, and Epstein becomes his first officer and confidant. This ship’s name is the Raptor’s Wrath, and their unit is known simply as, the Raptors. Where the Raptors go, people die.

Under ops conducted by the Raptors, Epstein becomes one of the Earth’s greatest and most skilled assassins. She learns not only to kill, but to do it fast, invisibly and without question. She becomes little more than a killing machine.

For a time, she fears the loss of her soul, due to how cold her heart has become from all the killing she has been forced to do, all in the name of the Earth. She questions her own humanity, until that day in 2365, when Will Noventa brought Sophie McGillicuddy back into her life. After that, nothing was ever the same again for Norah Epstein.

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Thanks for viewing. ROD and all related marks, OCs and all therein are mine. Favorites and comments make me happy!

Look for Renegades of Destiny BK 0: The Tugana Encounter for online dl coming in 2013 and take a glimpse into a dark future that isn’t too different from the world of today.
Player-Designer Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Awesome work!
Two-Ton-Weight Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012
Awesome back story. I am hoping you use your character in some kind or RPG (d20 or otherwise). Such nice detail and fluid body posture. This is a very cool character. I wish her the best usage possible and i hope she doesn't fail any checks along the way.
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